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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two Special Holiday Classes

 On Friday, Dec. 21 (the Advanced Practice at 4:30-6:30pm) and Saturday morning Dec. 22 (an All Levels class from 10am-noon), I’ll lead two classes for donations only,  with 100% of all proceeds split equally between two wonderful and worthy causes.   Note, the Friday practice is just that, our regular allegedly-advanced-but-definitely-hard-work practice time, where we together do a practice derived from the work of our wonderful senior teachers.  The Saturday class will be a holiday sort of restorative class, with me leading the sequence and giving instruction and assistance, and maybe talking too much or too little, trying, you know, to keep you conscious and not snoozing.  

Regarding the charities, the first is Mr. Iyengar’s project to provide health care, sanitation and higher education in his home village, Bellur, near Bangalore in the south of India. This project has been ongoing for quite some years now, and still more work and financing is needed to support such a large undertaking.  

The second charity is one of my personal favorites, Doctors without Borders, (because I saw them in action when I lived in Africa).  They provide medical care to the neediest in the most dangerous and forsaken parts of the world today.  Come enjoy what you love to do, and your donation will benefit the neediest.

Hot cider and snacks will be provided.  Come enjoy yourself.

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