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February 16,          Special Occasional Saturday Series 

The Basics of Prop Use in Iyengar Yoga
A Series of Saturday Classes exploring the various ways of using (and not using) props to accomplish a wide variety of poses, at a variety of levels of practice.  
We will examine how props can be substitutes for strength or alignment where they are lacking; how they can encourage us to move by ourselves more deeply into alignment where we have untapped, unrecognized potential; or lastly they can allow us to penetrate our intelligence much further inward than before. 
Cost and Times
Each class meets from 10am-12:30pm, and costs $25.  
Class dates are found below, in the listing for each session. 
Each class is designed for all levels of student, and while each has an ordinary, mixed levels sequence, we will learn about props in different ways in each class: 
1. January 12  
Part 1:  The three uses of props: for support, for a sense of direction, for sensation and thought, 

 2.   February 16  
Part 2: The three uses of props: for plain support, for a sense of direction, for looking inward.  We will work with a standard multi-level sequence, and look at ways of using a prop to perform these three functions, sometimes separately, sometimes together.  There will also be a small philosophy lesson about the nature of "support," in yoga.

3.   March 16
Part 3:  Becoming Free of Props/There is Always a Prop/

4. April 27
Part 4:  Inner Work: Using Props for Exploration

5. May 25
The Rope Wall

All classes are at Clear Spring Studio, and all are taught by Devon Dederich, certified Iyengar instructor.  For information and enrollment, contact Devon (there is no need to pay in advance; but do email here:  Yoga  at  ClearSpringStudio.Com  or phone to let me know you are coming, and to ask questions or inform me of injuries or conditions that might require respectful attention).

Feb. 22-24           5Rhythms Workshop 

Lisa DeLand hosts "Stillness",  a 5rhythms (TM) dance workshop with Amara Pagano.  For more information and enrollment, go here.

March 7-11             AcroYoga Workshop 

An AcroYoga Solar Immersion with Jason and Chelsey Magness.  
For more information and enrollment, go here and scroll down into the "schedule" section.  

March 16           Prop Use in Iyengar Yoga, Pt. 3

10am - 12:30pm  March 16
Part 3:  Becoming Free of Props/There is Always a Prop/
We will look more closely at how props can tell you where and how to move rather than where and how to rest.  We will, as usual, take a regular sequence of poses, but here we will use the props as guideposts or anchors of our attention, for the direction of our own body's activity.    Cost: $25.  

March 22-23       Introduction to the Hakomi Method

Workshop introducing a body-centered method of psychotherapy. For more information, contact Deirdre Elliott, LCSW LMT at 512 . 699 . 6612, or email deirdre111 at rocketmail dot com.  

March 29-30 (Fri. and Sat. only)     George Purvis Workshop

Come see our beloved free-range yogi George Purvis as he returns for a short weekend intensive to Clear Spring.  Contact Peggy Kelley for information and enrollment at yogini102 at gmail dot com.  

April 5-7      Wudang TaiChi Training with Master Chen 

For more information and enrollment, contact Alan Holt via email here:  alanlholt at

April 17 (Wednesday only)    Iyengar Yoga workshop with Gabriella Giubilaro 

A special one-day event with our perennial favorite, Gabriella. Normal classes are suspended for the day, and  Location and enrollment information soon, but to ensure a place email Peggy Kelley at yogini102 at

April 27         Prop Use in Iyengar Yoga, Part 4

Part 4:  Inner Work: Using Props for Exploration
Here, we are getting as subtle as we are going to get in this series, though the sequence will have something in it for all levels of student.  It's open to everyone, because the subtleties we are hunting for here are more in the mind than the body.    We will explore how props can be used to turn your attention inward , to make it easier to feel the multiple layerings of sensation, to locate and release or activate particular parts of you, to steady your attention, to calm your emotions and do other services to your mind in your quest for understanding and depth in your practice.  Cost: $25. 

May 17-19   Theresa Rowland and Devon Dederich teach Iyengar Yoga Workshop 

Friday pm, Saturday am, and Sunday am only
Join Theresa and Devon for the third annual co-teaching event.  Theresa has traveled and learned widely and has a gentle touch in her teaching that makes it easy for Devon to try to keep up with her.  Teachers are invited where your schedules permit, but all three classes will be for all levels of student.  Contact Devon here:  Yoga at ClearSpringStudio.Com for more information and enrollment.  

May 25             Prop Use in Iyengar Yoga, Pt. 5

Part 5:  The Rope Wall
This last class of the Occasional Saturday Series will cover as much as we can if the myriad uses of the rope wall, and of course we will be using those ropes as pure supports, as guides for our own movement; and to help direct our attention inward for deeper work and understanding.   Cost: $25.

June 14-16           Iyengar Yoga with Arun

More information as it develops...

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